Purchasing SDProtector

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our product.
Benefits of registration:
  • No nagscreen in the binary you distribute
  • Better protection
  • Minor upgrades and bug fixes are free to registered users
  • Registered users are informed of upgrades and new software releases
  • Technical Support 24h/Day
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

How to register:

Please follow the links below to make an online order; you'll either receive an e-mail with attachment of your license file or instructions for registering your product within 24 hours. Your registration information will e-mailed to you seconds after your purchase.

Why Purchase is Secure?

To provide you with a safe and convenient online shopping experience we use the services of share-it. Share-it has one of the best electronic payment system : SSL and (Secure Internet Payment Service) and it is an industry leader in providing E-Commerce Payment Processing Services for publishers and authors of PC and Macintosh software, shareware, etc.. This solution meets all the security criteria that you might demand from a payment server.

License type
V1 Basic single license (for an individual developer)
V1 Basic site license (for a firm or a company)
V1 Professional single license (for an individual developer)
V1 Professional site license (for a firm or a company)
Upgrade single license from Basic to Professional
Upgrade site license from Basic to Professional
Upgrade Basic from single license to site license
Upgrade Professional from single license to site license
*Special Version of SDProtector

To view a comparison between SDProtector Basic edition and Professional edition click here.

*Special Version of SDProtector: this version is most suitable for software distributors, large companies selling software products in big quantities, or for customers developing or selling their own CD-protection. Special version of SDProtector is dedicated for companies who utilize SDProtector also for protection of other than their own programs (special licensing agreement). Unlike regular SDProtector this version can be customized according to customer's requirements what means that a company that buys this special version has bigger priority in problem solving (bugs, upgrade requirements) than regular customer.

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