SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and distribution. SDProtector was designed with ease of use and high speed as a priority without sacrificing high levels of protection. It offers four different methods of code encryption protection. In addition, it uses RSA 1024 algorithm, API functions, new anti-debug tricks, active protection against dumping from memory and tracers. With SDProtector it's easy to turn your application in "try-before-you-buy" versions with little effort, offering everything to guarantee a maximum protection against piracy, backdating, reverse-engineering or any kind of tampering

The SDProtector is suitable for all companies and professional software developers who need easy, fast and efficient protection for their products. To implement a reliable and functional protection one needs considerable amount of time and efforts, experience and deep knowledge of the subject.

It's really hard work for most developers or companies, but with SDProtector, your application can have anti-crack, anti-debugging, anti-disassemble, anti-dumping, anti-apihook, file integrity checking functions in half-hour.

You do not need to worry about upgrading you product frequently because of being cracked any more; we will do it for you.

SDProtector is a perfect .exe file compressor, which can reduce the file size of 32-bit Windows programs by as much as 60%.

SDProtector also serves as a replacement of much more expensive hardware key protections, which are inadmissible for some application due to their high prices or unacceptable by a software developer since they need to be combined with computer. In these cases is SDProtector a really sought-after tool, which can solve all mentioned problems.


Anti-debugging & Anti-monitors Protection:

SDProtector contains anti-debugging & anti-monitoring routines which provide a good way to prevent people from spying on your code operation. The use this option in your application will help in protecting them against cracking or code spying without your permission.

SDProtector contains special code to defeat most debuggers and monitors including W32Dasm, SoftIce, TRW 2000, Turbo Debugger, OllyDbg, Filemon, RegMon and Memory Monitor which are the tools in the crackers toolkit.

Active Protection:

If somebody runs a utility that helps to crack the program, the application will be closed. This method works by having two additional threads that are started by the application and monitors if tools like Filemon and Regmon are not started.

Runtime Code En/Decryption:

Fragments of code are marked in source code by using special start and end marks. These fragments of code in compiled application are recognized by SDProtector and are additionally encrypted during protection process. Runtime encrypted code always stays encrypted in memory. It's managed by special code each time it should be executed.

Embedded Protector:

SDProtector allow you add special code(embedded protector) to your application. With the embedded protector, your application cannot be cracked even though the cracker knows the original entry point (OEP) while rebuilding your Import table.

API for interaction between application and protection routines:

API system which allows communication between application and protection system, protection system can call some functions that the application export, and the application also can call the function provided by the protection system.


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